The Land of No Curtains
Lunatics and Poets
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A window into the poetic and absurd scenes of our daily lives.

The Land of No Curtains is an immersive installation situated between theater of gestures, visual arts and cinema. It invites the spectator to enter a setting of large and small houses whose windows are open to the gaze and curiosity, revealing absurd and poetic scenes of daily life. We then become silent witnesses of the habits and intimate moments that are played out in these interiors. But as is often the case, appearances can mask hidden, ghostly realities. Lunatics and Poets uses holographic video, objects and the body to embody the desires, hopes and dreams of a society, but also its deepest fears.

A performer interferes in the heart of the installation, like a guide or a spectre from an imaginary world.  

Lunatics and Poets

Lunatics and Poets is an Amsterdam-based company and creative studio founded by Anna Jacobs and Hanna van der Meer. They create works for theatre, film and installation in which dance, visual arts and fashion merge. They invent a new universal language of gestures, movements and visuals, taken directly from everyday life. It is both poetic and absurd, light and dark.

With the support of the Creative Europe program in the framework of the REAL-IN project and the Dutch Embassy.


"The Land of No Curtains", the artistic file
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Elgar Weijtmas


Design: Anna Jacobs & Hanna Van Der Meer

Technology : Elgar Weijtmans

Performance: Olympia Kotopoulos

Actors : Arno Verbruggen,

Michael Peter Johnson

Video: Eori Wakakuwa

Set design: Jan Jacobs

Lighting design: Samon Presland

Sound design: Tymon Bijlhout Axewood

Custom Music


Lunatics and Poets

Dark Euphoria

The Manufacture


Dutch Embassy

Amsterdam Fund for the Art

Creative Europe