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Positively Charged
Kasia Molga
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How can art help us re-imagine the future of energy?

Positively Charged is an interactive art installation by artist Kasia Molga, which encourages us to re-imagine the way we produce and consume energy.

An industrialized city of one million people can consume about 10,000 MWh - that's 10,000 kilowatt hours per capita, with a peak consumption at dusk. How many of these kilowatts could we produce by ourselves? The human heart, our internal energy "engine," produces between 2 and 5 watts. A sprint can create an energy explosion of up to 2000 watts. But is this enough for us to be living batteries in the future? Will we ever be energy self-sufficient? And if not, how can we become aware of the energy useful to our comfort and "feel" the effort needed to extract or produce it?

Positively Charged invites visitors to produce the energy that powers the installation. Their movements illuminate the work. Heartbeat sensors transform their heartbeats into a soundscape, revealing the strength of their collective pulse. By making the public directly responsible for the "life" of the work, Kasia Molga makes the invisible shine, she invites us to reflect on our relationship with energy, the one we consume, and the one we produce.

The first edition of Postively Charged, was produced by Future Everything in Taipei.
The second version, produced by Dark Euphoria and Studio Molga, was presented from March 12 to 19, 2022 at the Futur21 festival in Germany. The third one is currently exhibited until January 22, 2023 at the Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, as part of the Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques CHRONIQUES.

Kasia Molga

Winner of the Media Futures program of the European Union with her new project produced by Dark Euphoria: HOW MANY HEARTBEATS TO SEND A LOVE EMAIL? she exhibits her works all over the world, recently in Egypt for the COP27 with How to Make an Ocean?


"Positively Charged", le dossier artistique
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Positively Charged at Futur21


Direction artistique : Kasia Molga
Technologie : Erik Overmeire & Kasia Molga
Assistant de production : Henry Maddicott
Mécanique & design : Gosia Siwiec
Assistants : Davor Delija & Pawel Siwiec
Assistant prototypage : Matt Mapleston


Studio Molga
Dark Euphoria