The case of the hippocampus
Thierry Coduys
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A virtual reality triptych designed for the Biennale Musica 2022

Thierry Coduys imagines for the Biennale Musica a project of immersive experimental musical scene conceived for a virtual environment created by the studios CIMM of the Biennale of Venice.

An ambisonic stage to be shared by all freely from September 14 to 25, 2022. The three-dimensional space, which can be freely accessed at any time during the festival. Thierry Coduys' work is a listening theater project where the public will be able to explore sounds, interact with the different parameters of sound and live 360° listening experiences thanks to the binaural design. The sound world presented to the public reproduces and reinforces the natural ability to listen to one's environment and to internalize, analyze and synthesize the sounds captured.

The project of musical theater conceived by Thierry Coduys develops this possibility, by creating new and original sound illusions related to the exploration of the immersive acoustic space, by making the public travel inside the sound. The synthesis of the sound according to the physical models of the complex mechanism of listening and spatialization of the sounds during the movement and the creation of metamorphic soundscapes will be realized within the studio of electronic music CIMM of the Biennale of Venice.  

The most memorable experiences are those we have not yet experienced, those we have passed through only once, those that dazzle our dreams. It is in these extreme environments - a lunar silence, an arctic crash and a stochastic noise - that our story offers the spectator the opportunity to reinvent his or her ability to perceive the sonic expanse and to reorganize the memories in a different way. Thus, and through a visual dissolution of spaces, where the image is no longer the dominant reference point, the spectator has exclusively the directional cells of his cranium to move, to approach a binaural beat, to desire it, to move away from it in order to generate in such an unaccustomed way the landscape that he surveys. The quest of the spectator is that of the promise of the triptych: to freely compose this buried musicality, infra-thin between sighs and tumults. The game is that of a dance, another language.


THE CASE OF THE HIPPOCAMPE - Biennale de Musica 2022
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Biennale di Venezia © Andrea Avezzù

Thierry Coduys : Concept, composition, sound programming

Agnès De Cayeux : VR design concept

Patricio Di Bacco: Development of 3D

Estelle Senay : Server Implementation

Martin Saëz : Audio Engine development on Vel.Cro

Production : Dark Euphoria

Co-producer: La Biennale di Venezia - CIMM, Centro di Informatica Musicale Multimediale