Histoires d'Espaces
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Histoires d'Espaces is a virtual reality application that aims to present extracts from several plays programmed in the Avignon and Aix-en-Provence festivals.

When the viewer puts on the immersive headset, he or she finds himself or herself in a virtual rehearsal studio, surrounded by ten directors, choreographers or artistic directors who, if he or she is watching them, present their work and the chosen extract in a short speech. He can then watch this extract as if he were at the heart of the performance.

The series is broadcast on CultureBox, a platform developed by France Télévisions, as well as in Le Cube, our immersive cylinder.

In 2017, season 2 of Histoires d'espaces offers 4 short stereoscopic films made around shows presented at the 2017 Avignon and Aix en Provence festivals.

It brings together authors and directors such as Olivier Py, Fabienne Verdier, Philippe Découflé, Radhouane El Medded, Richard Copans, Bruno Masi, Julie Charrier and Laurent Vautrin.

Image caption: Eldorado, VR film by Bruno Masi based on the universe of Philippe Decouflé

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