Emotions Tree
Diego Ortiz
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A generative and interactive installation based on the recognition of emotions

This digital work, conceived and designed by the artist Diego Ortiz and a team of developers, gives the Ada Lovelace secondary school in Nîmes a real virtual identity.

The artistic installation takes the form of a large screen (190cm diagonal) which continuously broadcasts, according to the emotions captured by an IP camera, the evolution of a "graphic tree" made up of a set of 3D point clouds on a black background.

At times almost abstract matter close to dust, at other times a luxuriant figure full of life, this generative form evolves (volumetry, colorimetry, gravity...) over the course of the day according to the emotional state of the people interacting with it.

Thus, from inside the school (circulation area, near a staircase), the tree reacts in "real time" to the emotional state of the students but also of the teaching and administrative staff, thanks to a small facial recognition camera which detects a set of emotional states (joy, sadness, disgust etc.).

Finally, we thought it would be interesting and useful to give the possibility of interacting with the Emotions Tree from outside the College, through a web application that allows you to record your current emotional state.

Through this work, we wish to enable the various stakeholders of this school (students, teachers, parents, administrative staff, etc.) to develop a real sense of belonging and shared responsibility around this new digital school.

But Emotions Tree is also and above all the ideal opportunity to express in a sensitive way the innumerable connections between technology, art, architecture and design. And to allow this school audience, often neglected by public institutions, to better understand the technological and cultural challenges of tomorrow.

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