Froth on the daydream XR
Julie Desmet Weaver
Alain Lagarde
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An immersive and interactive experience inspired by Boris Vian's legendary novel

Fronth on the Daydream, Boris Vian's famous jazz novel, becomes the anchor of a 15-minute collective and interactive virtual reality experience specially designed for the 360° immersive structure, Le Cube.

The audience is invited to enter Colin's room: a poetic, interactive and sensory huis clos. Inside, the audience plunges into the heart of the universe of Froth on the Daydream. Very quickly, they are invited to interact in a playful and instinctive way with Boris Vian's key inventions - such as the Pianocktail, the Biglemoi, and the anti-nymph flowers - to advance the story and trigger funny or dramatic situations.

By adapting Boris Vian's work for a virtual reality device, the aim is to offer spectators the opportunity to (re)experience the sensations, emotions, sounds, roughness and colours of this treasure of literary heritage, to offer a contemporary and innovative interpretation of the work, as an answer to the question "What is it to represent Boris Vian's work 100 years after his birth...?


Festival d'Avignon, at Grenier à Sel, Avignon (FR), July 9 to 26, 2021

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photo credits: Dark Euphoria, Inlum.in

Writing and directing

Julie Desmet Weaver

Visual creation 

Alain Lagarde

Technology and interactions

Inlum.in (Vincent Borrel & Nicolas Gambini)


Axel Beaumont (Colin)

Lou de Laâge (Chloé)

Jonathan Genet (Chick)

Xavier Coppet (Nicolas)

Delegated production

Dark Euphoria



Undergound Sugar Company

The Boris Vian Cohort

Les Films du Marigot


Centre du cinéma et de l'image animée

South Region

Horizon 2020 S+T+ARTS Programme


Grand Paris Media Centre

Hosting of residencies

EDIS - The Salt Loft

The Digital Attic

Théâtre Toursky - Cie Richard Martin