Dazzle / REAL-IN
Gibson/Martelli & Peut-Porter
Gibson / Martelli
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A research residency around the VR Dazzle experience: between virtual choreography, live and optical illusions!

The VR project Dazzle project by the artist duo Gibson/Martelli in collaboration with the design collective Peut-Porter was selected as part of the European project REAL-IN, for the first call for projects focused on interactive arts. During a one-week residency in Marseille, the British team continued their project under the tutelage of Dark Euphoria, and with the support of Inlum.in's technical directors.

The Dazzle VR experience combines dance with dazzling optical illusions: it recreates the optimistic and rebellious spirit of the Chelsea Arts Club's 1919 Dazzle Ball at the Royal Albert Hall. The VR experience encourages the audience to dance with the performers, who alternate between virtual and live choreography. In the worlds of this dazzling ball, the dancing avatars meet in front of striking black and white backdrops. The British team developed this real-time interactive dimension during their residency in Marseille. The focus was on how new forms of expression can enhance the audience experience and increase their active role in the interactive narrative.

This residency was co-organized with our partners from the VRHAM! festival in Hamburg. The DAZZLE creative team, selected by an international jury (Judith Guez/founder and curator of the Recto VRso festival, Lilli Paasikivi-Ilves/artistic director of the Finnish National Opera, Tomás Saraceno/performance and installation artist and Ulrich Schrauth/artistic director of VRHAM!) presented the results of their residency at the REAL-IN convention on June 11 in Hamburg, which took place in parallel with the VRHAM!


"Dazzle", the artistic file
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Gibson / Martelli


Gibson / Martelli (Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli)


Can/Porter (Alexa Pollmann and Bine Roth)

Executive Producer

Dan Tucker

Technical support

Inlum.in (Vincent Borrel and Nicolas Gambini)

Operating partner

VRHAM! Festival


European Commission's Creative Europe programme