The Scream VR
Cinétévé Expérience and Arte France
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A documentary experience in virtual reality

Dark Euphoria has transposed this wonderful VR project developed by Cinétévé to Android.

Edvard Munch's Scream is used everywhere. This face distorted by terror has so struck the imagination that it has become the universal symbol of anguish. Are you ready to unlock the secrets of art history's most famous "scream"?

Alone in a deserted museum, you come face to face with the work, but will you dare touch the painting? Beware, demons and ghosts will emerge from the canvas and lure you deep into the tortured psyche of the master.

With the canvas as a starting point, the Scream VR offers a journey through the obsessions and work of the painter. Interactive, sensory and divided into three chapters, this virtual reality experience offers a unique interpretation of this masterpiece of expressionism.

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Original painting

"The Scream" - Edvard Munch


ARTE France

CINÉTÉVÉ Experience

Writing and directing

Sandra Paugam - Charles Ayats


Edvard Munch - Paul Hamy

Audioguide - Anna Flori Lamour