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Anne de Giafferri and Christian Delécluse
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Stories of crossing, sound creations to approach the question of circulations and identities in the Mediterranean from a new angle.

Crossing artistic and scientific material, the Cargo project addresses the issue of mobility (migrations, travels, displacements) in the Mediterranean.

The travelers become Figures, a concept inherent to the symbolic and fictional representativeness of the passenger, which is distinguished from the portrait by its universal scope. Each figure is the sound photograph of a traveler, emblematic of a particular mobility (migration, tourism, trade, pilgrimage...). These figures are shaped by the artists in close collaboration with researchers (sociologists), through six sound creations (docu-fictions).

Listening to the stories of these circulations leads to questioning the changes they generate within Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian societies. If Cargo is nourished by individual subjectivities, its narratives question the historical and symbolic relations in the Mediterranean; the political, social, economic and cultural transformations that these mobilities generate.

"Cargo", the artistic file
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Anne de Giafferi

Christian Delécluse


Dark Euphoria

Scientific partners

Development Research Institute

Aix Marseille University

Institute for Changing Societies in the Mediterranean

Mesopolhis Laboratory

MOVIDA Laboratory


Convergences Migrations Institute

Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory - MAS Platform: Music - Audio - Sound


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Radio France

Collectivity of Corsica

City of Bastia