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A walk through Kandinsky's Continuous Line

Ballamorphose is a virtual reality device that allows the audience of an exhibition to dive into the heart of the pictorial elements of a painting. 

For the preview of the Micro - Folie de Sevran, we offered the public a digital walk through Ligne Continue, the famous work by Vassily Kandinsky.

As soon as he moves his head, the alignment explodes and allows the viewer to discover all the graphic elements separately. They can physically move around the geometric shapes of the painting and discover the work as no one has ever seen it before. Reversing perspectives, spaces between shapes, moving around the heart of the painting, these are the new possibilities of this original digital walk.

After becoming familiar with this new relationship to the work, the viewer can activate a palette of digital brushes using two wireless joysticks. They then become digital painters and can add their own digital paint to the space of the work to create a unique painting. His own, in the heart of Kandinsky's. This extraordinary artistic experience is broadcast in real time on the large digital screen, allowing the audience to experience it too.

This experience was presented at the opening of the 2017 cultural season, organised by the Ministry of Culture and the Île-de-France Region, at the Opéra Garnier in March. For this event, a performance by the artist Maksim Lopez allowed the public to witness the creation of an original graffiti in Kandinsky's work.

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